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Viral Tolat Is the Co-Founder of Integral has launched new AI/ML Tech Firm.

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The company is evidently in its early days but looks to have some thrilling plans.

“Neural Engines is developing a set of perpendicular business platforms that will transform the IT industry just like automation has transformed manufacturing,” says a wedge of text on its homepage.

“We imagine a system where experts train systems to do what they need instead of writing business specs and having programmers build code.”

Tolat will be familiar to many of our readers given his extensive experience in both the financial services and technology industries.

Most recently, he was the chief executive officer of Tradair – a Tel Aviv-based provider of trading solutions for cryptocurrency, foreign exchange and CFD brokers.

Despite his Herculean efforts, Tolat decided to leave TradAir after about a year, having found it tough to properly lead the firm from his base of operations in the US.

Prior to leading the charge at TradAir, Tolat spent five years at trading giant EBS Dealing Resources.

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