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Climate crisis, Al Gore says global economy needs major upgrade.

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Al Gore has said the global economy needs a essential upgrade to sustain in order for the world to endure an ecological crisis and broadening social divides.

The world was in the early stages of a “sustainability revolution” that had “the magnitude of the Industrial Revolution and the speed of the digital revolution”, said the environmentalist and former US vice-president. Gore said that the scale of our global challenges has never been clearer.

In the latest annual report from Generation Investment Management which was co-founded by Gore and David Blood, the world’s sustainability crisis is settled bare should be urgently noticed,  said a veteran Goldman Sachs investor in 2004.

Under its management, the fund has more than $22 billion worth of assets  which it invests in technologies that can get better food production, energy provision and healthcare. Gore said that we have entered an age of environmental crises and of widening social divides. Increasing improvements to address these challenges are no longer enough, our economic system requires a fundamental upgrade to sustainability.

The world was ongoing to raise its use of coal and combustion engine vehicles even though the negative effects of fossil fuels on the climate and human health were well known, Colin le Due said who is a partner in Generation. Although many countries have set dates to eternally end sales of petrol and diesel cars, according to the report  90% of children now breathe toxic air.

In the interim global obesity levels are expanding in line with a growing global appetite for meat and packaged foods despite warnings that healthcare is an indefensible cost for most governments.

An environmental breakdown is taking place alongside a disputing of the economic and social fabric, report concludes. This threatens to create a disrupting, economy-wide sustainability crisis.

It says the world’s increasing use of fossil fuels and untenable food and meat production is expediting the climate crisis while driving a global healthcare breakdown.

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