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A military onslaught in Hong Kong would rebound on China’s financial system

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The idea of China’s people emancipation Army(PLA) on the streets of Hong Kong seem unimaginable just a few weeks ago. Now it is being measured a possibility. As Hong Kong’s pro democratic state protest grow in frequency and concentration, the commander of the city’s PLA garrison beam about the demonstrations for the first time last week, stating that aggression should not be tolerated.

The Hong Kong has bystander another five never-ending days of accumulation  remonstration, which have closed down stores, disrupted air travel and lead to clash between demonstrators and police. The Hong Kong stock market had its most horrible day in months on Monday. He stated the city was being plunge into a treacherous abyss, warning those who play with fire will expire by it. There has been no suggestion yet that Beijing is setting up to deploy troops to restore order, the fear of PLA involvement has broaden through the city and trigger reminiscence of the brutal 1989 Tiananmen square crackdown.

But a judgment to put PLA boots on Hong Kong streets would be unimaginable disadvantageous to the city and its economy, stated Wily lam, appendage professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The stock market would probably crash, followed by the housing market. A mass emigration could pursue. The Hong Kong’s government is officially permitted to request help from the PLA garrison of more than 6,000 soldiers if public organize in the city spirals out of Control.  On the Front page of all prime newspapers if 100 soldiers deployed in the central business district, it would have a very frightening impact on multinational companies based in Hong Kong  Iam stated

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