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Anti corruption congregation demands transparency in Forex trading

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The Anti-corruption and Transparency Monitoring Unit has called for intelligibility and ethical dealing in the Nigerian forex trading activities. It acknowledged this in lagos on Saturday during the MBA forex and Capital Investment limited Bare2Blue Revolution business banquet, Noting that the transparency would improve the growth of the forex trading in the country. The Alhaji Ahmad Sulaiman, the Chairman, Anti-corruption and Transparency Monitoring Unit, Presidential Villa, stated ethical business personalized towards the policy direction of the current administration remained the way frontward in building a Fraud Free forex market that would situate the test of time.

He Stated, Part of the drive to provide employment, create opportunity for Nigerian youths to be able to trade and connect themselves reasonably is forex business. The MBA Forex and Investment Limited has been specialized by necessary authoritarian agency in Nigeria, and that the company unlike other before it is not a Ponzi scheme. The Suleiman illustrious that the MBA’s modus operandi was in tandem with the anti Corruption and transparency constrain of the current administration.

He Stated they have come to us and we have assess them. They want to be an campaigner of not only the business they are doing but the anti corruption and Transparency drive of this government. We ask them to go from Beginning to end the ICPC to train their staff. They have also registered with the Central bank of Nigeria, the CPC and other authoritarian Agencies. He also stated when we evaluate them, we realized they are credible, ethical and want to do serious business  personalized towards the policy of the current administration.

They advised them to function within the domain of the Law and ensure their procedure is answerable, transparent and corruption free and ensure their ethical foundation is very tough and the business should be sustainable. Contrasting before when we have this MMM and other different ponzi schemes, MBA has stated seriousness and is doing things in a different way and that is why we are here today in support of their business. The MBA Forex Chief Executive officer, Mr Maxwell odum, reiterated the Company commitment to transparency in all dealings.

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