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The US- China trade war indecision could cost worldwide economy $585 billion by 2021

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The US President Donald Trump last week hit the Pause button on the year old trade war with China and the two countries are programmed to restart talks towards the end of the month, the murmurs of the Worldwide Recession are getting louder. The Nine Major economies around the World, involving the UK, Germany, Russia, Singapore, and Brazil, are on the Brink of Recession or already there. And the Pundits fear the US is likely to pursue soon. The 34 percent of economists inspection by the National Association for Business Economics Stated they believe that the Slowing US economy will pour into recession in 2021.

The Economic Impact of the US- China tariff war will be astronomical. The Uncertainty in excess of trade could lower world gross domestic product by 0.6  percent in 2021 compared to a non trade war scenario. The direct impact of the tariffs themselves and the corresponding  of $585 billion shaved of the International Monetary Fund’s predicted the World GDP of $97 trillion in 2021. In the Recent past, Central Banks across Europe, Australia and Asia, involving India, have already cut interest rates in response to the Broadening fallout from the Trade war, or preparing to do so.

The Mixed Signals being sent out by the US on the tariff war does not help matter. The Trump unfaltering to delay imposing a 10 percent import tariff on laptops, cell, phones, video game consoles and some other products made in China previously scheduled to kick off in September in an abrupt pull back from its hitherto hard-line stance. The Decision covers about 60 percent of the remaining $300 billion of Chinese imports coming into America, and those products are now scheduled to come under the tariff on December 15 .

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