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Undeniably an unnecessary escalation : Australian leaders call for cool heads in trade war

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The Treasurer Josh Freedenberg has called for cool heads to prevail between the United States and China, as tensions between the two powers rise over trade. US President Donald Trump publicize last week he would smack a 10 percent tariff on further $US 300 billion worth of Chinese imports from September 1. The China retaliated by devaluing the Yuan against the US dollar,  prompting the US Treasury to label China a currency manipulator in movements that send worldwide share markets are  plummeting .

Appearing on 7.30 tonight, Mr. Freedenberg stated it’s definitely an  unnecessary intensification, influence the two countries to ‘come to the negotiating table and determine their differences no matter how immense they may be. Asked about the disagreement over China devaluing its currency, Mr Freedenberg stated, I do think the Chinese authorities are committed to strong economic growth. We have seen stimulatory actions by them but I think we need to be pragmatic about these recent developments and comprehend the world is not always as we want it to be .

The trade war between China and the United States is throbbing Australia’s stock market and both sides of politics desire cool heads to relieve the tension. The US Treasury Department accuse China of currency exploitation after the Yuan was devalue this week to its lowest level in more than a decade. The move flustered the financial markets in Australia and abroad, but local Shares were traded higher on Wednesday after Wall Street claw back some losses overnight.

The Labor leader Anthony Albanese meet with US officials this week and urge them to let cool head decrease the tension. The danger for Australia here is intensification in the conflict over trade between the US and China sees us as guarantee damage, Mr. Albanese stated in Melbourne. The Labor warns the government can’t imagine trade tensions are the reason for the sluggish domestic economy.

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