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Bitstamp appointed a head in USA, continues to expand

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Bitstamp appointed a head in USA, continues to expand


Bitstamp, the European Cryptocurrency exchange has set another place in US, and seem to be continuing their expansion in the United States of America. They have made an announcement on Wednesday about appointing Hunter Merghart on the position of head

Merghart will be focusing on the activities carried out with the new as well as the existing clients also he has joined the exchange with an expanded career in both traditional financial markets and cryptocurrency area. He will be posted in New York and will be taking efforts to establish a Bitstamp’s office in the city currently.

Merghart was also the latest head of Coinbase before leading Bitstamp’s Operations in the US. He worked in Business development and sales as per a statement. He also held number of senior positions at Barclays, RBC Capital markets, Credit Suisse etc.

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