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FBS Got the Most Progressive Forex Broker Europe 2019 Award by International Business Magazine.

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Fintech is swiftly developing, which unfolds the need to follow the trends and search for new approaches. Old school companies lose their clients to more user-friendly and geek ones.

FBS always been at the vanguard of global efforts to distribute high-quality brokerage services.  And yess, Also the company has just entered the European market which is a highly demanding and spirited marketplace with quite fussy clients who are used to the best services.

Custom trading app is scheduled to see the light in the nearest future as indeed, mobile trading is a trend that is absolutely here to stay. On the top, the broker is getting ready to enlarge its account list, adding new accounts to meet the needs of different types of traders.

The Most Progressive Forex Broker award is a big admiration that entails an compulsion to stay appropriate, perusing top-notch fintech solutions. The philosophy behind FBS is simple as total solutions make the trading process easier, which would makes one’s trading performance superior.

International Business Magazine awards are looking for top-performing businesses in such fields as promising Markets, SMEs to Lead Corporates, Stock Exchanges, Insurance Sectors, Wealth and Asset Management Sectors. The magazine defines its idea and duty as “providing unique top-notch information to the global audience under one roof”, covering multiple regions as Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

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