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INTL FCStone Ltd Launches FX Trading App on Integral Platform

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FCStone Group’s owned subsidiary, FCStone Forex LLC  announced that it had united with Integral Development Corp which is a leading provider of FX trading solutions and services, on a number of initiative to launch FCStone’s next generation platform.

The Global Head of FX, FCStone, Edgar Ramon  said that they have chosen Integral to support their focus on expanding business, improving operational efficiency, managing risk and controlling costs,.

Integral’s well-developed technology extents all the key areas required, and as on demand services, offers the intrinsic flexibility and quick use of that delivery model. To become the backbone of StoneX, FCStone chosen Integral’s multi-sided trading platform FX Grid. StoneX is a future-generation FX platform which offers brokers with a modular suite of products designed to allow any brokerage firm to quickly launch and simply sustain a world-class FX brokerage service.

The CEO Integral Development Corp, Harpal Sandhu said that Integral is proud to be working with FCStone on what is fundamental execution of a superior risk management and execution strategy for FCStone’s entire FX business.

A exceptional feature of FCStone’s future-generation FX platform is the ability for customers to visualize a entire list of market makers with their linked price streams. This option provides them full visibility and clearness of the liquidity FCStone will provide to them. Customers are authorized to enter into direct discussions with liquidity providers and discuss liquidity streams which more closely fit their exacting trading patterns.
Integral’s White Label retail margin trading solution, FX Power Trader is a entire managed service, retail FX trading system together with advanced trading application, partner marketing support, online demo system and 24/7 service.

FX Power Trader permits a broker to quickly deliver a powerful eFX retail solution with that broker’s brand sustaining his business model and meeting the desires of its clients. FX Inside Professional eradicates the need for viewing several FX applications on multiple screens by merging them into a single interface. FX Inside Professional’s algorithmic capabilities maintain executing large trades across multiple liquidity providers with minimal slippage.

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