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New research terminal introduced by Acuity Trading recently

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New research terminal introduced by Acuity Trading recently

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Acuity Trading still goes on with the AI-driven trading tools suite. They have recently introduced a new sentiment-based Research Terminal.

The new Research Terminal by Acuity Trading runs as a news-data tool on MT4 as well as MT5 platform. The Research Terminal tightens the present services that were offered on MT4 in the past, served as a momentum for launching the Acuity’s services on MT5.

The CEO of Acuity Andrew Lane, quoted about the benefits and utilities of the terminal by saying “The MetaQuotes platforms remain the industry’s favorite and adoption of MT5 is growing. By integrating our Research Terminal product, traders will now be able to conduct their trade research openly within the platform itself, making it simpler and quicker to place trades.”

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