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Government Asked To Help Forex Traders.

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The forex traders said that the Central Bank must assist them in taking back their money. Many  forex traders in Kabul on Wednesday has been called on the Afghan government to help out them recuperate millions of dollars which they have invested in forex trading over the past few years. 

This comes days after they staged a dispute in front of Albashir Exchange & MSP which is a local forex trading firm in Kabul, to request for the return of the financial assets which they have invested in forex trading market with the help of the Afghan company.

They asserted that the forex trading businesses had been given license by the state-owned Central Bank. A forex trader, Shafi Samim said that if the government has a problem with a person named Hajji Bashir, theye want our money back and People should be supported to recover their money whether it is a 100 dollars or a million.

In the intervening time, the outgoing governor of Central Bank blamed the public of entering into such businesses as saying that he is unacquainted of the business in the country. He Conveyed that they have taken guarantee from each forex trader and they committed to be responsible whether they win or lose as they have gambled ”We are Muslims, Why should we gamble?”

Last week the protestors said their accounts have been blocked over the past few days.

They conveyed that Albashir company was making business on their money and now the officials of the firm are unavailable to address their concerns and conclude the fate of their millions of dollars investments.

The foreign exchange,trading has inflicted “hundreds of millions of dollars” of loss to Afghans who have invested in the business since it was primarily brought to Afghanistan in 2005 as per the indication of Kabul-based Money Exchangers Union’s statistics.

The statistics indicated that “billions of dollars” have been taken out of Afghanistan under the cause of forex trading during this period. Statistics shows that over 7,000 people have been linked with the business in Kandahar over the past 14 years and most of them suffered intense financial losses.

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