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Litecoin Price Push Causes Market Cap “Flappening” With Bitcoin Cash

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Although most discussions in the cryptocurrency industry pertain to Bitcoin first and foremost, one should never ignore the other markets by any means. Albeit there is a good chance most of these currencies will continue to lean on Bitcoin for momentum, some unusual behavior can be noted every now and then. The recent Litecoin trend is a great example of how things can evolve on their own accord regardless of what Bitcoin is doing.

Over the past 24 hours, the Litecoin price has risen by 1.7% in USD value and  1.9% in BTC value. Both of these trends are pretty peculiar to be noted at this time. This is also the first time in a while Litecoin enters the market cap top 5 again, as it successfully overtook Bitcoin Cash. With a current value of $33.85 or nearly 0.01 BTC, the current momentum looks very interesting regardless of how one wants to look at things.

To put this in perspective, there is some genuine excitement regarding this recent “flappening”. That is the term people tend to use when Litecoin overtakes another major cryptocurrency in market cap. Mitchell Moos is quite taken by this particular development, although there is a good chance the rankings will switch again over the course of today.

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