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New cracks in the Worldwide economy as exports fall over

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The Singapore saw exports drop for a second month in a row, this time by 17.3% in the month of june compared to a year ago. This spectacular fall comes as Singapore’s growth statistics declared last weeks

showed a 3.4% decline in growth in assessment to the last quater. The city state is one of the most trade reliant economies in the world, and is frequently seen as a worldwide indicator for trade. The Analyst are calling the Singapore’s data the ‘Canary is the coal mine. A orientation to a well worn expression to indicate there is danger ahead.

The expression comes from when miners used to carry imprisoned canaries into mine shafts, to let them know if it was dangerous. The canaries would pass away if there was even a hint of venomous gas in the mines, providing a warning signal for the miners to get out. The worry between the Asia- watchers is that Singapore’s numbers are just a sign of more bad news to come from the rest of the region. There is increasing indication to show that Asia’s economies are being hit by the US- China trade war.  

According the region it is a story states seng wun, south east Asia economist for CIMB bank. This deal war is coming at a time when worldwide growth is slowing down after down after ten years of relatively steady times. If they buy some  sensation a fairy taps her magic and the trade war disappears, all that would happen is the thing would just be less bad rather than truly bad. The data from India, Indonesia and South Korea reads similar to a list of badnews. The June was a predominantly overcast month for three countries.

The India expect a fall by 9.7%, the first time in nine months. The Indonesia, which counts china as its Biggest trading partner, also saw exports drop by 8.98% in assessment with the same duration last year. The South korea also saw exports fall by 13.5%. All those countries sell products ranging from Palm Oil and Chemicals to Semiconductor Chips to China. This week China posted the lowest quaterly enlargement it has seen in close to three decades, partially on a trade war worries.

The US President Donald Trump’s tariff on Chinese goods now cover up more than half of what China sells to the US . It means that Chinese companies moreover have to cut their costs for their buyers, or sell less to the US. And that funds the countries supplying Chinese Factories with manufactured goods are also getting hit. It doesn’t look its going to get any enhanced anytime soon. A report from the Japanese investigate house Nomura released this week on Asian exports show that exports should continue in the Doldrums in the Coming month.

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