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The online trader swindled the two women

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The two KwaZulu- Natal women caught in a complicated online Crpto currency and forex trading, con, have appealed for other sufferers to come further and put down criminal charges. On an online trading company.

The women stated that she saw an advertise of MGM-Markets on facebook and opened an account and within a single day the broker contacted her. She stated that she was trading for three months and it appear that she was getting profits. When she stated to withdraw they allowed her to withdraw a small amount. She stated when one of her trades departing down her broker phoned and held her R300 000 credit. She made the money reverse and after that when she wanted to withdraw the profit and pay reverse, and became complicated. I became very mistrustful and the next minute her account started going down.

She stated she has blocked the broker and opened a criminal case, and also reported the matter to Action scam  and the FCA authority in the UK because the number on the website is a UK number. She stated that she told a friend and friend also had account in the same company. Her friend also a professional has stated she has doubled her money within a week and she also lost R100000, in a week. She came to know that it was all bogus. She stated that she got a whatsapp message from the broker, Tony levine stating that stocks were crashing and are needed to set more money, and she stated that she had no trades open at that time.

She stated that when she tried to withdraw, the links wouldn’t work, the broker became threatening when she questioned him about why she could not withdraw. Then a friend stated her that she has lost everything she realised it was a scam. She realised she was conned and the signals were danger. The danger signals includes the promises of returns that sounded to good but are not true, the fake promises also include that she would be millionaire within three months.

She stated that the broker also accessed her screen to accelerate a transaction, but he was actually whipping the money out and paying in his account. The broker purpotedly would call her at 9am. And speak in an european accent. An individual on satuday tried to contact the telephone number MGM – Market as provided on its website, a different company name was specified by the automatic answering service.

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