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The US and China agree to congregate in October for trade negotiations: Chinese Ministry of Commerce

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The China’s Ministry of Commerce stated on Thursday that the Leaders of the Chinese and U.S trade talks apprehended a phone call in the morning and agreed to meet in early October for another round of negotiations. With the U.S trade Representative Robert Lighthizer the China’s top diplomat Liu he Spoke on Trade and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, the Commerce Ministry statement stated.  The U.S trade Representative spokesperson established the Phone call, but not the October meeting. The Beijing stated the two sides contracted to hold another round of trade Negotiations in Washington D.C at the Starting of the next month, and consultations will be made in middle of September in Preparation for the meeting, the Chinese Commerce Ministry stated.

Both Sides decided they should work together and take practical actions to create sympathetic conditions for the negotiations. In the coming weeks the USTR spokes person only considered that both countries agreed to hold meeting at the ministerial level in Washington , and the deputy level meetings would take position middle of September to put down the ground work for meaningful progress. Priory both sides had indicated they would meet in September. The Trade tensions between the world’s two largest economies escalated in the last several weeks. The Country took effect on Sunday when the Latest round of retaliatory tariffs on billions of dollars worth of goods.

The Chinese Commerce Minister Zhong Shan, People’s bank of China Governor Yi Gang and Ning Jizhe, vice chairman of China’s top economic planning body, the Reform commission, also joined the call as per the statement. The U.S and China have been in an rising trade war for months, as the Trump administration continues to place tariffs on Chinese goods among the Statement in negotiations. Some experts have warned that President Trump’s tariffs may be leading to a recession, though the President and management officials have safe guarded the tariffs and claim they harm only China, not farmers or American consumers.

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